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Balancing Hormones after 40
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The years before menopause can be be challenging for women. It can be a rollercoaster of heavy periods, migraines, anxiety and fatigue. If you are dreading the days and weeks before your period, this course is for you.  

Menopause is not a disease - it is a natural life change - but sometimes the transition can be a little rocky!

Welcome to a comprehensive programme designed to support women naturally through the years before menopause - aka perimenopause.

Designed by experienced Nutritional Therapist, Claire Clerkin, the support programme is your starting point to balancing hormones in a safe, natural and sustainable way. 


This is a 4-week group programme for who are looking to achieve healthy hormones.
The content of the course will focus primarily on healthy hormones after 40 - easing the transition into menopause and ensuring that you future-proof your health for the physical changes after menopause.  

The programme is split into two parts:

1. Weekly group learning sessions (via Zoom)
1 hour group sessions for four weeks.
This is an opportunity to discover the connections behind hormonal symptoms and the recommended lifestyle and dietary changes.  
This also provides a forum for the group to ask questions, share successes and keep on track with your diet and lifestyle changes.

2. Hormone Balance Lifestyle Plan
The programme will introduce you to a the principles of natural hormone balance. You will be provided a Hormone Balance Lifestyle Guide which includes dietary recommendations, recipes and worksheets on the nutrition and hormones.
The plan also includes lifestyle advice on sleep, movement and stress management.

Extra Modules
Need extra support? The programme also includes options for in-depth stress monitoring, additional hormone mastercalsses and discounted 1:1 consultation and supplement advice.  


Discover greater overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. 
Learn the proven tips to help reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Use nutrition and lifestyle interventions to balance all your hormones. From progesterone and oestrogen, to cortisol!


Knowledge is power. Each week you'll learn more and more about what's happening in your body and how you have control over your health.


Reconnect positively with your body and discover how to manage the normal hormonal transitions with poise. 

Hi, I am Claire, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Nutrition expert.

After more than 10 years helping women navigate through the frustrating symptoms of hormone imbalance, I decided to design a programme that pulls together the simple and effective ways you can balance your hormones in the years before menopause.

Menopause gets a lot of attention, but many women struggle with the often dramatic hormone imbalance that precedes the final period. 

In fact, some evidence suggests that supporting healthy hormone balance in the years before menopause can reduce the severity of the transition.

This programme is designed to provide a mix of education and practical advice that I know works - I have seen it time and time again in my clinical practice. 

Find out more about me.


Shifts in hormone balance can affect many parts of your health, in ways that might not seem obvious!

Period Problems

Heavy, flooding periods // Irregular periods // Painful periods

Mood and Mind

Feeling angry or frustrated // Unexplained Anxiety // Low Moods
Brain fog // Poor concentration // Loss of Confidence

Body Changes

Headaches or Migraines // Sore Breasts // Aches and Pains 
Unexplained palpitations // Vaginal Infections (frequent)

Fatigue and Sleep 

Low Energy // Insomnia // Night Sweats // Low Motivation

The Perimenopause Support Programme uses safe, evidence-based approached to naturally balance hormones.

The programme is not a replacement for medical advice, nor is it designed to diagnose any condition. 


The reality is that women’s bodies shift and recalibrate throughout their lifetimes, and particularly in the 5-10 years before menopause.
This programme is designed to address the root causes of hormone imbalance after 40. The diet and lifestyle advice reflects this. 

The first step is to understand what is happening in your body. Then, it all makes sense and the diet and lifestyle changes become easy! 

Drawing on the principles of functional medicine and applying my proven method for success, the programme will offer participants a chance to get reconnect with their bodies, develop positive diet and lifestyle habits and ultimately feel good! 

The easy-to-follow, interactive programme includes:

  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Comprehensive Programme Guide
  • Delicious Recipes 
  • Video Lessons of bite-sized online learning
  • Home Assessments and Questionnaires
  • Practical Lifestyle advice
  • Convenient Meal Plans
  • Stress evaluation and support
  • Weekly Mindfulness practices, focused on female hormone balance


It's not just about what you eat. How you sleep, exercise and manage stress is essential for healthy hormone balance.

I have partnered with Firstbeat Technologies to include a Lifestyle Assessment in the programme.

Firstbeat is the most advanced technology to help balance stress and recovery for better health.

A Lifestyle Assessment over four days will track your stress, sleep, and exercise, and reports your individual results in a visible and powerful way.

This is an optional element, available to participants in the UK and Ireland.

Find out more about Firstbeat here.


Module 1

Getting to Know your Hormones

- What are female hormones? How do they work? - The evolution of female hormones: from puberty to menopause.  
- How diet and lifestyle impact hormone balance.
- Programme overview – getting set for 6 weeks.

Module 2

The Ups and Downs of Hormonal Imbalance

- Exploring common symptoms of perimenopause.
- The importance of digestive health  and healthy detoxification.
- The Microbiome and Oestrobolome.

Module 3

Fatigue, Brain Fog and Blood Sugar Balance

- How perimenopause can trigger anxiety, mood swings and sleep issues.  
- Prioritising adrenal health - simple tips to soothe the nervous system and build resilience to stress.

Module 4

Anxiety, Anger and Insomnia

- How perimenopause can trigger anxiety, mood swings and sleep issues.
- Prioritising adrenal health - simple tips to soothe the nervous system and build resilience to stress.

Module 5

Achieving Healthy Weight + The Right Type of Movement for Health

- Intermittent fasting for hormone balance.  
- The right type of physical activity for hormonal health.

Module 6

A Manageable Transition - Smoothing the Way to Menopause

- Recap on the course content
- EXTRA TOPIC: Inflammation
- EXTRA TOPIC: Xenoestrogens

Each weekly topic will be supported by bite-sized video lessons you can access in your own time.

Topics include:
Blood sugar control and avoiding insulin resistance
Nutrients and foods for healthy detoxification
Nurturing a healthy gut microbiome for healthy hormones
Building resilience to stress - how to achieve balance
Why sleep is a priority and how to get it
Plus: xenoestrogens, histamine, inflammation and more


Allana P.

"Over the last few months I am feeling more energised and much more resourced to cope with the pressures of work and family life. I finally have balance!" 

Jane S.

"Claire is a friendly and extremely helpful nutritionist with a in-depth knowledge of how hormones can affect every aspect of our life, especially during perimenopause. I would recommended this course to anyone looking to find out more about why changes are happening in their body, and what can be done to manage the symptoms."

Bernadette M.

"Understanding the role of stress and diet on my moods and sleep has been a game changer. I am so much more organised in the kitchen, more balanced throughout the month and happier in myself." 

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this programme suitable for everyone? The programme is suitable for all women over the age of 35. It is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Will following this programme prevent menopause? No, menopause is a natural evolution of every woman's body. It is not a disorder or illness. Rather, some women find the transition quite difficult - this can be based on genes, previous health issues, diet and stress. This programme helps support the systems that can go out of balance around menopause to promote a healthier transition with fewer ups and downs. 
  • Can the programme be adjusted to suit my needs? If you would like a tailored programme, choose to upgrade to a discounted 1:1 consultation with Claire (Bespoke). 
  • How do I access the content? The online modules and programme guide are available on my learning portal. You will be given access to a learning portal where you can log in and access the materials in your own time. Weekly calls will be held on Zoom.
  • I am on the Pill - is this programme suitable for me? Yes, the principles of the plan will not interfere with your medication.
  • Do I need to know how to cook? No! Even though most of the meals should be prepared from scratch, basic skills are all you need. You will be given all the information you need to make the most of the programme.
  • Will I need to follow a strict diet? This programme is not an extreme diet, but you will need to commit to making some changes. The programme is self-directed. You will be provided with the guidance and recommendations, but can follow these at your own pace. The only caveat is that you may not notice results as quickly. 
  • Will I need to take supplements? No, this programme is a foundational, food-based plan.