5-Day Spring Cleanse

A Simple, Gentle Seasonal Reset

Does Your System Need a Reset?

As we emerge from Winter and transition into Spring, we can sometimes feel sluggish. It is a time to shake off the cobwebs and, promote the conditions for our bodies to feel fresh, vibrant and energised!

This 5-Day Spring Cleanse is designed to gently lift the heavier foods from our diets and replace them with energising fresh nutrients.
This isn't a fast or an extreme 'detox' programme. It is the equivalent to a deep inhale and exhale for your organs of detoxification.

This self-guided nutrition programme is designed to support your main organs of detoxification - the liver, gut and kidneys - to enable them to operate as they should.

If you feel that your body needs a reset, but aren't ready to commit to a full overhaul, this is a great place to start!
Just five days to nurture your system and give it a little break.

How Does the Cleanse Work?

It is simple, nourishing and evidence-based. Watch this video for a quick overview.


Delicious meals designed to support your innate detoxification processes.


Simple, clear guidance to follow for 5-days.


Evidence-based explainers about how and why this programme works. 


Make this a REAL retreat.
Optional recommendations to help you nurture your body and mind over 5 days.


Extra email tips from lifestyle experts. Declutter your mind, detox your home and rebalance your body with some help from my holistic colleagues.

Meet Claire

BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist

I have been working with clients for 10-years and know that extreme 'detox' programmes are not sustainable, and often can be unwise.

I have devised this simple 5-day reset as a simple way to help you support your innate detoxification systems.

As a practitioner and nutrition lecturer, I know that there is so much confusing and contradictory advice on optimal health. My approach is to go back to basics - support your in-built systems in a gentle way and gain balance in your body and mind.

Course Pricing

  • 5-Day Spring Cleanse
  • £20

    A gentle 5-day reset for your liver and digestive system.

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  • Nutritionally Balanced Cleanse Programme
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